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Stephen Czaikoski is a West Hollywood Artist who expresses happiness and joy in his art.  Stephen's art is available for sale and he can be reached at:  310-728-5215 or via E-Mail:  artsteveski@gmail.com

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"Endless Love"
"Endless Love"   MSP_2899.jpg

"Love"   MSP_2904.jpg
  sold    "Torsos"    MSP_2911.jpg    
"Sea Foam"
"Sea Foam"     MSP_2914.jpg
"Tree"    MSP_2915.jpg  
"I Can Hear You"
"I Can Hear You"     MSP_2922.jpg
"Three Trees"
"Three Trees"      MSP_2929.jpg
"Ocean Sunset II"
"Ocean Sunset II"      MSP_2932.jpg
"She's In The Tree"
"She's In The Tree"    MSP_2937.jpg  
"Untitled"      MSP_2941.jpg
"Friend Helping Friend"
"Friend Helping Friend"      MSP_2946.jpg
"Still Life - Fruit Dish"
"Still Life - Fruit Dish"      MSP_2960.jpg
sold      "Festival"      MSP_2967.jpg 
"Persistence of Memory"
sold      "Persistence of Memory"      MSP_2979.jpg
"Wavering"      MSP_2983.jpg
"Toxic"      MSP_2984.jpg
"Ocean Sunset"
"Ocean Sunset"      MSP_2989.jpg
"WOW"      MSP_2994.jpg
"Sailboat"       MSP_2997.jpg
"Friends"      MSP_3003.jpg
"Elderly Man"
"Elderly Man"       MSP_3006.jpg
"Tango"       MSP_3012.jpg
"Reef"       MSP_3016.jpg
"Clown Vomit"
"Clown Vomit"       MSP_3018.jpg


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